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Restylane® and Perlane®

Restylane® and Perlane® are formulated with non animal hyaluronic acid present in all forms of life.  Their function is to attract and capture water to give the tissues the elasticity they need. They also substitute tissue lost through the years and give a natural appearance.

Q-Med Esthetics, a Swedish company, has developed a formula with hyaluronic acid as a crystallized transparent gel. It is processed under the strictest biotechnological methods to guarantee a pure product. It is available in three types of preparations that are differentiated by the size of the hyaluronic acid particles in them. Restylane Fine Lines®, Restylane® and Perlane® are alternatives for treating lines around the eyes, frown lines, nasolabial lines, and lines around the mouth, as well as for increasing the volume and redefining the shape of the lips. Restylane Fine Lines® is injected superficially to diminish fine lines. Restylane® is used to correct lines of intermediate severity and to accentuate certain characteristics of the lips. Lastly, Perlane®, containing the largest hyaluronic acid particles, is used to fill deep depressions and increase the volume of the lips.

Restylane® and Perlane ® have been studied extensively, and they have proven to be highly tolerated and effective with a minimum number of complications. 

How are Restylane/Perlane applied?

They are injected directly into the skin or into the layer of tissue immediately under the skin. For fine lines around the eyes and cheeks, anesthesia is generally not needed, but if the person wishes, an anesthetic cream can be applied.

For injections in the area around the mouth and lips, an injectable anesthesia is recommended because this area is very sensitive. This procedure can be performed without any problem at the Instituto de Cirugía Orbitofacial in less than an hour.  You do not need allergy tests prior to the procedure.


You can continue with your normal activities after an application. Care must be taken to not touch the area unnecessarily or to expose it to heat, cold or extreme sun for a week following the treatment. Do not use products containing alcohol on the treated area.  You should always use sunscreen. The effects of the treatment on expression lines will last about 1 year; whereas, when used to increase the volume of the lips, the effects will last 6 months.  This treatment has become a pioneer tool in the West for facial rejuvenation by restoring volume. It can be used alone, or it can complement surgical or Botox treatment.