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Eyelashes and Lips


In addition to their aesthetics effects, eyelashes protect the eyes by filtering sunlight and minimizing the entrance of dust and foreign matter.

Many people do not have abundant eyelashes or have lost the ability to regenerate them. The life span of an eyelash is approximately five months. It is usually substituted by a new one in the same place.

Learn how we can help you to have stronger and more abundant eyelashes. Click here for more details.


Lips form part of the facial aesthetics and rejuvenation, but they are often forgotten. Lips come in different shapes and thicknesses. In some persons, the upper lip is more defined and sometimes the opposite occurs. Moreover, thin lips in young people can be increased to improve appearance. Usually the upper lip is thinner than the lower lip, but this is not what some people necessarily desire.

There are three procedures used to increase lip volume: treating the edge between the skin and the lip, the upper or lower muscle, or the sub nasal groove (the groove formed between the lip and the nose). Click here to learn the details.