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Radiesse is used as a filler to improve the appearance of folds, facial depression lines or to create facial contours.  It is composed of a combination of calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres in a multi cellulose gel base. Radiesse can be used as a filler for frown lines, nasolabial or smile lines, corners of the mouth or lines around the mouth as well as to fill acne scars, among other uses. It is also used to recreate facial contours and produce or accentuate the cheeks and chin, and to diminish bags in the periorbital area (around the eyes). It could be considered as an excellent alternative to facial implants, and it could have more advantages in certain aspects. Radiesse should not be used as a filler for the lips.

Radiesse is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to be used with cosmetic purposes for correcting facial depressions. This product was originally approved by the FDA to increase facial volume in patients who have developed facial lipodystrophy.  Other applications for this product include its use as an injectable solution for vocal chords in patients who have weak vocal chords or paralysis, and as an x-ray marker. Radiesse has been used with cosmetic purposes as a facial filler for six years, and it has proven to be safe and efficient.  Its effects last for about 12 months on frequently moving areas of the face, and it could have longer lasting effects in areas that are prone to fewer movements. These effects are greater than the three months duration of original injectable implants, such as human or bovine collagen. 

Administration of Radiesse as an injectable implant is performed in the office using very small amounts of injectable and/or topical anesthesia to reduce any discomfort without altering the area that will be treated. It does not require allergy tests and the person can continue his or her routine using a little makeup. This means that we have in our inventory a safe and efficient product with excellent lasting effects. With this product, we can offset an essential part of the aging process such as the loss of facial volume caused by general atrophy of fat in the tissues. Moreover, Radiesse has become an excellent alternative for providing new contours to the face, giving the face more definition and, in many cases, an exotic appearance achieved by increasing and defining different parts of the face, such as the prominence of the cheeks or better definition of the chin. 

Radiesse, as well as other injectable products, must be administered by specialized surgeons, such orbit facial plastic surgeons, who have great knowledge of facial anatomy and esthetics. The facial rejuvenation field is very exciting and should only be treated by experts.