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Facial Spots

Spots on the face occur for different reasons and at any age.  Although they normally do not cause any physical harm, many people consider them unsightly. Spots can be covered with makeup, or they can be eliminated permanently, but above all, they can be prevented. 

Spots can be pale or dark.

Dark Spots

Dark spots are known as hyperpigmentation, and they emerge because of the excess of cells called melanocytes that create melamine in the area (this is what provides the pigment or color to the skin). Moles and freckles, in addition to age spots, are manifestations of spots on the skin.  Spots can be caused by certain diseases, such as an excess of iron in the blood, hormonal changes (pregnancy or menopause), vitamin deficiency, extreme sun exposure, use of cosmetic products that contain alcohol, among other causes.   

Pale Spots

Pale spots are known as depigmentation and they are cause by the lack of cells that produce melamine in the area (this is what provides the pigment or color to the skin).  This is believed to occur because of irregularities in the immunological system.
Spots on the face, especially those caused by sun exposure, can usually be seen much earlier under certain types of light before they can easily be seen by the naked eye.  This is the best time to begin treatment of spots and help minimize them.