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Obagi Nuderm Skin Restoration Program

Obagi NuDerm Restoration Program consists of a series of Obagi products that produce changes in your skin at the cellular level, restoring its regenerative function, and treating damage caused by the sun and other contaminants. After we perform an evaluation, we will prescribe the products you will need, and indicate the dosage and frequency for their use.

Each product is especially designed to work jointly with the others to provide the best results, balance ph levels, and penetrate the different levels of your skin. You can begin to see results between 4 to 6 weeks after beginning the program. During this time and after these initial weeks, your skin will experience various transformation stages. At the Instituto Cirugía Orbitofacial, we will guide you through these stages, and we will provide information about the need for periodic visits and tests, if necessary.

Call us at (888) 697-8102 to make an appointment and learn if the Obagi Nuderm Restoration Program is for you!