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Obagi Blue Peel

Obagi Blue Peel is an intensive procedure used to improve firmness, softness, and elasticity of the skin.

It is administered according to your needs and the degree of harm caused to your skin.  The process begins with the application of the treatment in the office, and it takes several days. The process continues until your skin regenerates, and its appearance is transformed.

Obagi Blue Peel is applied to the face and neck. At first, you may experience a slight tingling sensation for a few minutes. After the application of the treatment, you might have a light blue shadow on your skin that usually disappears within 12 to 24 hours by washing your face.

In one or two days, the skin on your face will begin to peel off and new, more radiant and terse skin will emerge. Usually, you will be totally recovered after 7 or 10 days.

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